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Heavy Metal Cleansing Protocol

Heavy Metal Cleansing Protocol

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Today, probably more than any time in the history of man we are exposed to an incredible plethora of toxic elements and heavy metals. They are in our food, water, atmosphere, vaccines, and especially our dental fillings. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, and hormones are in most of the food we eat, unless you eat organic. Processed foods are full of preservatives and other chemicals. Finally, many of the containers we routinely use are full of chemicals that can leach into the foodstuffs they are designed to hold. All in all, regardless of how things appear, we live in a toxic environment.

Below we have outlined a 5-Step Heavy Metal Cleansing Process:

Step 1: Remove external and internal sources (ie. amalgam fillings) of toxic exposure.

Step 2: Mobilize sequestered heavy metals out your cells and into your blood with Eidon's Heavy Metal Mobilizer.

Step 3: Chelate (bind up) these mobilized heavy metals in your bloodstream with EDTA.

Step 4: Re-mineralize the blood with Eidon's Multiple Mineral.

Step 5: Support the effected purifying organs - Liver, Kidneys and Thyroid (only if thyroid is operating at sub-optimal levels).


This kit includes: Heavy Metal Mobilizer (2oz), EDTA (100 caps), Multiple Mineral (2oz), Milk Thistle Alcohol Free Tincture (1oz), Dandelion Alcohol Free Tincture (1oz), and a step-by-step protocol booklet. 


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