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Natural Mini Citrine Tower: CIT011

Natural Mini Citrine Tower: CIT011

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abundance | invigoration | prosperity

Resonates with the crown and solar plexus

Citrine is part of the quartz family, it's yellow tint comes from iron oxidation

-Many crystals labeled as citrine are actually heated amethyst. Natural citrine is a darker mustard/ golden shade of yellow

Is known as the "merchant stone" because of its ability to attract abundance, which has more to do with the mind- set than money or traditional success.

Citrine puts you in a vibration of manifestation, allowing your mind to accept the knowledge and gifts being sent to you by the universe source.

Boosts confidence and self-esteem so you can go after what you want. Fearlessness!

Citrine holds the power of the sun and can help with chronic fatigue, can ease the side effects of the ascension process, and can also help with depression.

Hold a piece of citrine during a visualization mediation to help manifest your objective

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